Thursday, May 19, 2005

And so they drivel on

Peter Norman (a former FT Brussels bureau chief) writes in the comment section of The Financial Times, just posted on the website.

"Like it or loath it," he opines, "the European Union's constitutional treaty is about to hog the headlines again. The project, which was launched by EU leaders in December 2001 with the laudable aim of making the Union 'more democratic, more transparent and more efficient' faces a potentially life threatening test on 29 May."

Dear me, don't they just drivel on. "More democratic"? The thing is deliberately anti-democratic, based on a supranational commission designed to cut elected politicians out of the loop. "More transparent"? The only sane response to that is howls of laughter. "More efficient"? To put the words "efficiency" and the EU in the same sentence can only be described as oxymoronic or, if you like, simply moronic.

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