Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blinking in the sunlight

Whoever said bloggers were "pyjama journalists" is half right, as we do work all sorts of peculiar hours keeping up the postings, whence sartorial elegance is rarely an issue.

Yesterday's launch of the People's No Campaign, however, saw me blinking in the sunlight, as I emerged from the backroom to join the "Herron gang". I am obliged to the internetters – precise source unknown - for this report:

The first floor conference room in Abingdon House at 2pm yesterday witnessed the first high profile "Gathering of the Clans."

Many groups, organisations and individuals were represented. The meeting commenced at 2pm precisely and the room was bursting beyond capacity with many forced to stand outside in the hallway. Late arrivals were refused entry by security because the event was over capacity and had to wait outside.

The meeting opened up with room sponsor, Independent Labour Peer Lord Stoddart, delivering a passionate introduction. This was followed with a rousing address by Maastricht rebel and Chairman of the Freedom Association, Christopher Gill.

Sky TV and German Television were present and the room was littered with copies of the European Constitution, kindly provided free of charge by the European Parliament building in London that very morning. The media made the most of the shot of a pile of them sticking out of a House of Lords 'Recycle Your Rubbish' bin.

Neil Herron in his usual style delivered the background to what the campaign was about, where it had come from and where the fight was to be taken. Rousing applause again... and a few laughs.

Colin Moran, former Strategy Director of the North East No Campaign then detailed "What If?" in relation to the French situation.

Dr Richard North, the backroom research specialist for the campaign, "blinked as he was allowed out in daylight." He detailed the electronic networks and how they would work in what was to be the first internet driven referendum.

Questions came from the press and the media and from the floor. The atmosphere was absolutely electric... people knew this was "the happening."

Sky News had been running the launch since the breakfast programme where Neil Herron was interviewed live from the studio. Clips from the London office were also run in the preamble and played throughout the day. The meeting was a huge success and people went away enthused. We are busy collating the offers of support and preparing to link the various groups that wish to work with us.

Over 500 individuals have already registered as campaign supporters in the space of 24 hours.
Anyhow, I am now back in the more accustomed darkness, hunched over the keboard. Normal blogging will resume shortly.

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