Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cripes! Blimey! I’m a pr*t!

Boris Johnson – need I say more? The man-child is in full flow this morning in The Daily Telegraph, sounding off about the infamous "part P" amendments to the Building Regulations.

These are the ones that require most electrical work in domestic premises to inspected by local council building control, unless carried out by a certified electrician.

But in little Boris’s foetid excuse for a brain, these are a manifestation of Labour’s "profligacy and waste. This, he opines, demonstrates that we "need a new approach to government, which doesn’t foist this kind of regulation on people, with all its fiscal consequences".

How ironic that the man-child should have used the words "new approach", because this is precisely what these Regulations are about, as we reported on our Blog on 7 November.

They are part of the EU's "new approach" to harmonisation, whereby when an EU standard is promulgated though either of its standards bodies, CEN or CENELEC, member state standards bodies are obliged to adopt them, whence they are incorporated into law. And, of course, whether we had a Labour or Conservative government, both would be obliged to put them into effect.

It doesn’t help of course, that the likes of the BBC deliberately keep the population in ignorance of EU involvement (see link) but one might expect that our highly-paid legislators should know something about how our laws are made in this country – especially in this case, when Boris is being paid an extra bundle of dosh to write in the Torygraph.

But, as usual, Boris would rather parade his vacuous ignorance, than actually spend the time learning anything – perhaps he should start reading this Blog, although he is far too grand to do anything so constructive.

Such is the calibre of the man that he believes that the two "golden rules of politics" are: "repetition" and "repetition". They might hold good if you have anything worth saying in the first place, which Boris clearly doesn’t. But then, what do you expect from such a dimwit.

For the record, I have three "golden rules of politics". My first is: "Don’t f**k with North"; the second, "make the right enemies"; and the third is "never trust a Tory". In respect of our Boris, that applies in spades.

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