Sunday, December 19, 2004

My colleague appears to be "indisposed"

According to a note from a mutual friend I found when I returned home last night, my colleague on this blog has once again fallen foul of the West Yorkshire constabulary. Just before midnight he was arrested by two police officers, described to me as “verbally aggressive” and carted off to the hoosegow, a.k.a. Bradford Central Police Station.

It seems he owes a largish sum on his local council bill but was not allowed to pay by credit card or go and take money from a friendly hole in the wall. (Not that many of those late on Saturday night in and around Bradford.)

He was allowed a phone call, which he made to a friendly journalist (much more useful than a solicitor) but since then attempts to communicate with him or with the police station have been thwarted.

I shall, in between publishing other news, try to keep our readers informed of the latest developments in this saga. All discussions about planes, tanks and other bits of machinery will have to wait till Dr North is free to indulge in them again.

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