Monday, December 27, 2004

Making a mark

I’d never heard of it before but has just released eight different "Words of the Year" lists featuring the Top Words, Names, Phrases, Numbers, California YouthSpeak, Internet, Sports-related, and Colour-related Words, as well as the Top Words in Pop Music and the Most Frequently Spoken Word On The Planet.

Predictably, the most frequently spoken word on the planet is "OK" but what is really interesting is the "Top word" list. At number four is "Blogosphere", the realm of the weblog. But sneaking in at number ten is "Eurosceptic", reflecting the increased usage of this word and its growing political importance.

There is also an additional "bonus word", a completely new entrant to the English language: Pajamahadeen. It describes those bloggers who have taken a prominent role in vetting (or ensuring the accuracy) of mainstream media news coverage. Its origin stems from the myth (slur?) that bloggers work in their dressing gowns and/or pyjamas – something which is, of course, never true of this Bog.

Either way, whether "pajamahadeen" or "eurosceptic", we are making a mark.

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