Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mr Herron has been informed

The Turks might think they’ve got it in the bag, but now the guilty secret is out. Headlined in the news magazine "Turkish Weekly" is the proof that Turkey is not yet ready to join the EU. And the Headline? Ah… "Turkey inches towards EU membership".

But if that is not bad enough, consider the sacrilege in the daily "Turkish Press", which offered the stunning headline of: "EU inches towards historic decision on Turkey". Ouch!

We consider it our duty to inform the authorities immediately of these transgressions except that, woops… what about the Guardian? Picked up from the Financial Times database, which also publishes Guardian material, is the headline: "EU inches towards deal with Turkey".

The copy starts with the immortal line: "Turkey was last night inching towards an agreement that could pave the way for membership of the European Union…", obviously covering both bases. Strangely, the headline is missing from the Guardian site. Clearly, they have recognised the error of their ways and tucked it in the back copies

Never mind, Neil Herron has been informed and Trading Standards are on their way to confiscate the headline. As for Turkey… what can one say? Give 'em 25.4 millimetres? Nah.

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