Monday, December 20, 2004

A petty, vindictive act

There can be and is no other explanation - to send two unformed officers to my house at 11.35 on a Saturday night - the busiest period for the police - with instructions to break in to the house and bring me in.

This was an action timed to cause the greatest possible distress and inconvenience, proving once again that, when it comes to police priorities, debt collection (i.e., council tax recovery) stands head and shoulders above such issues as burglary, car crime and the rest.

Anyhow, after 34 hellish hours banged up in a cell 9ft x 9ft, mostly in solitary, I'm back and will begin blogging soon. Thank you Helen for keeping the Blog warm. I will post details of the latest confrontation with what are laughingly called the forces of law and order on our sister blog, prisonerjw7874, later today.

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