Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well done the Daily Mail

My attack on The Telegraph and the Independent this morning, for their failure to attribute our growing fridge mountains to EU policy, emphatically does not apply to the Daily Mail.

In that paper today is a two-page spread (pgs 12-13) headed "The chilling fields", with the strap line: "120,000 fridges rotting in a field and polluting the atmosphere – all thanks to the EU’s ‘green’ madness". And journalist Paul Harris writes that the mountains are "a testament to a fiasco estimated to have cost the British taxpayer more than £300 million".

Gentle readers, that is £300,000,000 – more than I would earn if I lived for 10,000 years – money totally and utterly wasted. And that is not counting the loss of income now that we can no longer refurbishing fridges and export them.

Furthermore, writes Harris, firefighters have had to deal with six major blazes in fridge storage yards in the Manchester area alone. "The clouds of black smoke from the these blazes contain the same cancer-causing dioxins and ozone destroying gasses that the EU legislation is trying to curb", he adds. What on earth are we doing putting up with this lunacy?

And well done the Daily Mail for pointing it out.

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