Monday, November 22, 2004

A soft, flaccid campaign

We are glad to see that we are not the only Blog on the street which has reservations about the direction being taken by the self-appointed "Vote No" campaign. See here.

The site picks up on the report in The Business yesterday, detailing a poll on the EU constitution conducted on 17 to 18 November by ICM. It finds a record 69 percent against signing up, with 24 percent in favour, with 7 percent saying they were undecided.

The Sun gives the details today, as well, noting that the poll showed undecided voters are becoming more opposed to giving Brussels sweeping powers.

One question, now, is whether the "Vote No" campaign can confuse the issue sufficiently to drive public opinion towards favouring the constitution. A poster of Graham Copp should do the trick.

By the way, Helen has also posted her comments about the "Vote No" campaign, on the UKIP London Assembly site.

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