Monday, November 22, 2004

Curioser and curioser

The Ministry of Defence gets more and more outrageous. Having shown itself to be completely unable to provide British troops with necessary clothing and equipment, it is now demanding that all those Commonwealth servicemen and women who have served loyally and valiantly in the British forces, take British citizenship as a test of their loyalty.

Completely mad. In the first place, if they really are Al-Quaeda “sleepers”, will they be any less so with a British passport? In the second place, I have no doubt that many of the young men who went off and joined Al-Quaeda or the Taliban or the neo-Ba’athists are British citizens and got through many borders with their British passports.

Still, it is all rather puzzling. As I understand it, we are all now EU citizens, whether we like it or not. Certainly, the Maastricht Treaty said so and that was not changed either in Amsterdam or Nice. The new Constitution reaffirms it. Does this mean that all those valiant Australians, New Zealanders, Indians, South Africans and others, will have to become part of the European project? Has the MoD told them this glad news?

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