Sunday, November 21, 2004

Extruded verbal material

Whatever is happening in the mainstream, there are always "noises off", and part of this Blog’s function is to listen to them and report.

One of those "noises" this weekend is Jack McConnell, Scotland’s "first minister", addressing the European Movement's Scottish conference in Perth on Saturday. Before doing, the ever-willing BBC gave him the opportunity to expound his views on the forthcoming EU referendum.

Lo and behold, Jack McConnell gave his backing to the "yes" vote, proclaiming that it would be in the best interests of Scotland and the UK. Our Jack agrees "with the idea of and the reality of the new European Union Constitution which will open up the European Union to more transparency and will improve the position of Scotland within the United Kingdom within the European Union."

However, what continues to fascinate is what few arguments these lame Europhile have to back up their enthusiasm. Says our Jack, "There are massive advantages for Scotland in our membership of the EU, well over 250,000 Scottish jobs rely on exports to the European Union into the single market. That single market will be increasingly important as financial services and other areas open up to more liberalisation."

Yea, right, as they say. The EU will stop buying Scotch whisky and Edinburgh lawyers and bankers – to say nothing of the drug dealers - will stop buying Mercedes cars if we don’t sign up to the constitution? How about a little walk up the hill with Jill, Jack? It might help clear what passes for a brain.

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