Thursday, August 04, 2005

Good news

Readers who recall my projected Academy of British History, to be started as a History Channel on our website as soon as it is technically possible, will probably also remember that one of the reasons for the project was the news that Civitas was about to reprint H. E. Marshall’s Our Island Story.

The good news is that the book is definitely being published on September 22. The cover price will be £19.99 but they expect some retailers to have discounts. Alternatively, the book can be purchased from Telegraph Books, though a charge of £1.25 will be added.

I expect, Civitas or Telegraph Books, or both will have arrangements for potential purchasers who do not live in Britain, have no British bank accounts but want to read this marvellous account of Britain’s history.

Civitas is also collecting money to enable them to send a copy of the book to every primary school in the country. Now, there's a good cause.

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