Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So, will they have an election?

While Chancellor Schröder hopes to be re-elected on a bogus anti-American platform and Angela Merkel defends her choice of a tax adviser – a real reformer – the Federal Constitutional Court has still to decide whether there will be an early election or not.
“The Federal Constitutional Court will rule on whether President Horst Köhler's decision to dissolve parliament after Chancellor Gerhard Schröder lost a vote of confidence is legally binding under constitutional law. The second senate of the Court has the responsibility to decide this and a decision is expected sometime in the week beginning Aug. 22.”
The Court’s most recent appearance in the news was its refusal to extradite a suspected financier of Islamic terrorist groups to Spain, striking down the European Arrest Warrant as legislation that contradicts the German constitution.

On the whole it is expected that thought there are divisions among the judges, there will be a clear majority for the election. But you can never tell with the Federal Constitutional Court.


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