Tuesday, August 16, 2005

United in greed

Mark Steyn is on fine form in the Telegraph today, cataloguing latest developments in the Oil-for-Food scandal and the machinations of the Annan tribe in their gilded palace of the United Nations.

It is best read in full, rather than my trying to summarise it. The full impact makes you sick to your stomach.

But, says Steyn, this is how the transnational jet set works, and those sensitive flowers who don't have the stomach to look under the rock could at least do us the favour of ceasing to bleat about, in Clare Short's marvellously loopy phrase, the UN's "moral authority". The only thing "united" about the United Nations is that its officials are united in greed.

In The Times the other day, adds Steyn, Matthew Parris demanded to know whether I could now admit the Iraq war had been a mistake. No. I'm still in favour of it 100 per cent, he says, and these rare shafts of light on the sewers of transnationalism are merely one more benefit.

But, just to bring home the evil of these people who hold themselves up as the saviours of mankind, read also this piece in the Zambian Mail and Guardian online.

It cites a "bellwether report" that has found that the number of malnourished people in Africa has increased from 88-million in 1970 to 200-million today, 35 percent of the continent’s population, as a result of ill-conceived agricultural policies and trade barriers imposed by wealthy countries.

And, when they are not lining their pockets, what are Mr Kofi Annan and his tranzi friends doing about it?


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