Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The power of the net

According to a UPI report, published on the Science Daily site, the internet in France was a potent source of opposition to the EU constitution

This is based on a study by researchers at the University of Technology of Compiegne who found that 67 percent of French said they opposed the EU charter, when asked to expressed their opinions on some 295 Web sites dedicated to the question.

Some 79 percent of anti-constitution Web sites directed surfers to other anti-charter sites. Only 64 percent of sites supporting the constitution did the same.

"The Web served as a political tribunal for those who considered themselves distanced from television formats or big-time media, transforming the Web into a sort of negative medium," that apparently helped reinforce the negative vote, wrote Franck Ghitalla and Guilhem Fouetillou, two of the study's authors.

Small in numbers we may be, but ignore us at your peril.


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