Saturday, August 27, 2005

Flogging a dead horse

The Irish European Affairs Minister, Noel Treacy, has according to Ireland online, told her own government that it must work harder to “sell” the troubled EU Constitution to the Irish people during the next year.

Member states would revisit the "historic" document during the Austrian EU presidency in the first half of 2006, she says, stating: "Our government remains committed to the Constitution and to using this year to engage the public of Ireland on the issue of Europe."

In a masterful understatement, she then adds: "The rejection of the Treaty by France and Holland resulted in soul-searching and uncertainty about the role of Europe," declaring that, "We need to better explain how Europe works today – what it does and doesn't do – and how it can best serve its citizens in the future."

Considering what the EU is doing for us in what is now, lamentably, being called the "bra wars", I rather suspect that the "citizens" have a better idea of how Europe can serve them (not) than Mz Treacy. And being Irish, she should have a better idea than most of the futility of flogging a dead horse.


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