Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pass the sickbag

[Health warning: This will be another seriously angry posting. Some of our readers do not like it when I get angry. They might not want to go on reading.]

Naturally enough, the fragrant Commissar has had to get in on the act. Her latest posting has astonished even me, used as I am to the shamelessness of the Commissariat.

After some incredibly trite comment about the way an ordinary morning in London was transformed by horror, she tells us what she and her colleagues did in response. Yes, indeed, they

“… met at the Schuman roundabout for a few minutes together in silence to show our solidarity with people in the UK and to demonstrate against violence and terrorism.”
And there is a picture to prove it.

I am glad I know that. It makes me feel a whole lot better. I am also glad that the people who are watching by their relatives’ bedside, mourning the dead or still frantically searching for people, do not know about this utterly nauseating self-promotion.

It is quite difficult to work out what upsets her most. It seems that the terrorists chose to attack London, “a city full of innocent people from all over the world” on the day the G8 was meeting “to talk about Africa and climate change”.

I don’t know about the fragrant Commissar’s experience but I have always assumed that most cities were full of innocent people and where they are from is irrelevant. This comment ranks on a par with Hizonner’s about the attack being on ordinary working class Londoners.

As for the nonsense about the G8 meeting, we have already heard Prime Minister Blair on the subject. It seems a terrorist attack is that much worse if it takes away attention from politicians' blathering.

Are these people incapable of talking in a straightforward manner? Do they have to waffle inanities?

Then comes dear Margot’s pièce de résistance. Before telling us with almost audible Peksniffian sniffs (I seem to refer to that worthy gentleman rather a lot) that this is not a day for politics, she finds it necessary to … well, talk about politics, I suppose.
“Some of you have asked me what issues require cross-border and inter-institutional cooperation. Fighting terrorism is at least one. Next week the Commission will discuss concrete measures like trans-border police cooperation, improved rapid crisis reaction and also how to prevent recruitment of terrorists.”
Apart from the total shamelessness of using a terrible tragedy in this way for her own political agenda, this shows remarkable ignorance.

Does the fragrant one really think that there is not trans-border co-operation without the say-so of the Commission? Does she not know that Spanish police officers who had worked on the Madrid bombing are in London to help their British colleagues?

Has she not noticed that police officers from all over the world, not just the blessed European Union, fly to each others’ assistance as and when their specialist knowledge is required?

Or does she think that the London emergency services would have reacted better and faster had they been reporting to an EU committee headed by the Justice and Security Commissar or the anti-terrorist "czar"?

But that is not what she means. It is not trans-border co-operation she wants but an integrated police and legal system, run by her and her colleagues with her ghastly little minions doing the work.

As I put on my comment, I can’t wait to hear the bleating her minions and stageurs, including the Moderator, who does not moderate but responds to the comments, will emit on this subject.

The rest of us will have to go on experiencing serious nausea.

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