Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is it here already?

Having been warning, through this Blog and the pages of The Sunday Telegraph, courtesy of Christopher Booker, of the accelerating pace of European Defence integration, I have been under enormous pressure to produce a properly researched and referenced paper, setting out the evidence for what amounts to a real but carefully concealed programme of absorbing the British armed forces into the structures of a European Army.

Hence, not only have I been totally immersed in the project for well over a week, neglecting not only this Blog but everything else, including sleep, I have been viewing the amazing events unfolding in London with an air of surreal detachment. It came as something of a shock, therefore, to look bleary-eyed at this morning's papers – and in particular the large colour photograph on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph. To all intents and purposes, I thought, my paper is too late. The "Euro-army" is already here, on our streets.

What the picture showed was a squad of armed men in black uniforms and flak jackets, bearing German-designed sub-machine guns, with coal-scuttle helmets adorned, Rommel-style, with oversize goggles, pistol holsters strapped round their thighs, advancing purposefully on their target. And, in the background, a BMW "troop carrier", in the guise of a 5-series saloon car.

Yes I know it's fanciful and entirely inappropriate, and not worthy of this mature, carefully balanced Blog, but that does not stop me thinking that, had we actually been invaded back in 1940-41, by men in black uniforms with coal-scuttle helmets and sub-machine guns, would today's pictures in the newspapers have looked any different?

I, for one, have always felt that the rot started in the police when, some many years ago, they changed from wearing blue shirt and adopted white. While there is something comforting about blue, when you put a man in a smart black uniform with silver badges, and give him a white shirt, it does something to his character. It transforms him.

Then put this man in a group of similar men (all the "storm-troopers" in the photograph were men), detach them from the public, give them a great deal of power and authority, loosen the strings of accountability and then, to top it all, give them powerful guns, you have a dangerous cocktail. That, in my far from humble but probably ill-informed opinion, makes tragedies like the death of the unfortunate Brazilian youth, not so much accidental as inevitable.

Anyhow, from that rant from an emergent North, back to the subject of the Euro-Army, which – if we are not careful (and perhaps even if we are careful) - will exhibit some or all of the characteristics of the current occupying force. Today, Booker, in his column , has given a "taster" of the work to date, which is nearing completion.

It would be otiose for me to reproduce the story here – and three other fine stories – when our readers have already read them or can look them up on the link provided. Suffice to say that all Booker writes, and much, much more can be backed up by copious evidence, all of which gives unarguable proof that, stealthy step-by-step, our armed forces are being taken from us and ceasing to become our own, independent forces.

Thus, while we look back in history at Heath, who gave away our fishing, we may find that when we look back at Blair, it will be he who becomes known as the man who gave away our Army.

I am in the final stages of this project – which builds on the researches I have been conducting for some years – and hope to have a draft paper ready in the next day or so. I will be quite happy to sent it by e-mail to anyone who wishes to see it, and you can contact me through the link on the sidebar. One it is finished, I will do a series of posts, setting out the gist of my findings.

In the meantime, I must thank Helen for keeping the Blog going, and our faithful band of readers who keep visiting the site.

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