Friday, July 29, 2005

Kilroy quits

According to the BBC, Robert Kilroy-Silk has quit as leader of Veritas - just five months after founding the party. Facing a challenge from disillusioned members, he said it was clear from the general election voters were content with the older parties. More to the point, he said it was impossible to run the party without significant cash and a proper structure.

In a statement he said: "It was clear from the general election result - and more recently that of the Cheadle by-election - that the electors are content with the old parties and that it would be virtually impossible for a new party to make a significant impact given the nature of our electoral system. We tried and failed."

He added: "It is also the case that it is impossible to have an effective political party without a central administration and significant financial support. We have neither. In the circumstances, I would be misleading the members of the party and the public if I pretended that we could make progress. I'm not prepared to do that. We must face up to the truth."

The question is, having given up now on his party, and not having been seen in either Brussels or Strasbourg for many a month, is he now going to give up his eat as an MEP as well, or is he still going to draw down his generous salary and expenses, for doing precisely nothing?

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