Monday, February 28, 2005

They're at it again

More specifically, she's at it again, the fragrant Margot Wallström – a never-ending source of entertainment.

According to the Sunday Times yesterday, the commissioner for truth and reconciliation wants to set up a volunteer corps for doing “European good”, suggesting that a “youth wing” could help in emergencies such as environmental disasters.

"Only by bringing young Europeans together," she says, could the "concept of creating a European citizenship" work in the long term.

At least Wallström is up-front about the proposal, but then so was Adonnino in his pursuit of a European driving license and other devices, all to encourage "the people of Europe" to feel a sense of common identity

The fact that we already have a pretty good system in the VSO for voluntary workers seems to have escaped Wallström. She wants to reinvent it on a European level.

This is so much like these "little Europeans". Wrapped up in their own little world, they see everything through the filter of their own narrow, claustrophobic ambitions, and cannot see the bigger picture – nor indeed what objects of derision they have become.

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