Friday, February 18, 2005

Is the Commissioner telling porkies?

On the BBC website today is an analysis by Oana Lungescu, the BBC Brussels correspondent, on "EU constitution hurdles".

The text of Lungescu’s commentary need not detain you long, as you can get the flavour from the strap which declares: "The European Union is on the verge of launching an unprecedented exercise in public consultation."

But what is interesting about the piece is an interview with the Margot Wallström, whom Lungescu describes as being "in charge of selling the blueprint to the European public." Says the fragrant Margot:

I think one of the more important changes is that it establishes the rights that you have as a citizen of the EU, the fundamental rights that are very, very important," she says. So I think that from a symbolic point of view, it's a fundamental change and it establishes the common values for the EU. From a policy content point of view, the changes are minor, they are really not very important.
Some of our readers might like to visit Margot’s Blog and tell her why she is wrong.

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