Monday, February 14, 2005

The seven basic myths

Over FCO series of "myth rebuttals" on its website is now complete.

We have been analysing and deconstructing those rebuttals and, for the convenience of the readers, we now post the links on this single post. We will also provide a link on the sidebar, under FCO "myths", for ease of reference.

The seven basic myths are as follows:

Myth one: Britain would lose control over foreign policy under the constitutional treaty.

Myth two: The Constitutional Treaty will create a European Army.

Myth three: "Primacy" means that the EU controls our laws.

Myth four: The Charter of Fundamental Rights will be used to change Britain's labour laws.

Myth five: The constitution creates a European superstate.

Myth six: Europe will control our economy.

Myth seven: Qualified Majority Voting hands power to Brussels.

Readers might also care to visit the "Vote-No" website which also offers views on the FCO "myths". We will, of course, re-visit the issues raised from time to time.

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