Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Economic suicide

To commemorate day one of a prolonged process of our economic suicide- with the coming into force of the Kyoto treaty, the Independent has commissioned a piece from Stephen Byers, writing in his role of co-chair of the International Climate Change Task Force.

Byers' view is that Kyoto is not enough to tackle climate change – something that is so blindingly obvious that one wonders why he thought it necessary to say so, and the Independent needed to print it.

Having read the piece, however, I have decided that I will not inflict it on our readers, other than to record that the greenies, as represented by Byers, seem to have abandoned the idea of co-opting the US into their Kyoto suicide pact and are looking to the G8 to take the lead in forming an alternative means of committing suicide, which they hope the US will join.

This is confirmed by a piece in the Times which reports on this "breakaway group" which is planning a new global warming strategy based on scientific advances. Led by Blair, the idea is to invite the key developing industrial powers of China, India and Brazil to Britain's G8 summit this summer in his attempt to convince the United States that it should join the Lemmings.

All one can say is that some people never learn.

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