Friday, October 22, 2004

A woman scorned…

According to Associated Press, Marta Andreasen has not wasted any time following her sacking last week, when she threatened to "spill the beans" on the commission.

Teaming up with former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote, to make a somewhat unlikely alliance – Mote being due in court next month to hear changes against him on housing benefit fraud – she has now delivered documents to the Serious Fraud Office in London, which she says supports a number of allegations about the EU.

Furthermore, she argues that the UK government is knowingly behaving in a fraudulent manner by paying money to Europe. Lack of financial control means some 95 percent of funds have not been accounted for and there has been no audit of the treasury for the last 14 years. Mote and Ms Andreasen also say there have been cover-ups within the EU hierarchy and money laundering by EU officials through a New York office.

Their action has been backed by leading barrister Leolin Price QC who suggests that, if no criminal action is taken, there is still the possibility of a civil case against the government.

A spokesman for the Serious Fraud Office said: "We have received documents which we are now examining. It is a preliminary stage to determine whether or not an SFO investigation should proceed."

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