Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kilroy no longer here

Kilroy has spat out his dummy and resigned the UKIP whip, claiming that he can no longer work with the parliamentary party. This vitually blows apart any chances he has of gaining the leadership of the party - not that he had any anyway, and puts him in the EU parliament as an independent.

Earlier in the day, from the floor of the Strasbourg parliament, he made an "intervention" on the debate on Barroso's commission, calling for a vote of confidence against Barroso, only to be shouted down by other MEPs and then having his microphone cut off - whence he continued shouting out his message from the floor.

From his status as the prime asset of UKIP, therefore, Kilroy has degenerated into their nightmare member, leaving the Conservatives happier about their general election prospects than they have been for months. Rarely can triumph so quickly have turned to disaster.

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