Sunday, October 24, 2004

The ego has (crash) landed

To date, this Blog has avoided reporting on the twists and turns of the latest UKIP drama, not least because there are far more important things happening.

However, in what we fervently hope is the end game, we note the Sunday Telegraph today is reporting publicist Max Clifford saying that "Kilroy-Silk would be a useless leader for UKIP", describing him as "permanently orange" as a put-down description of his sun tan.

Unfortunately, he is probably right, given the lack of tactical skill Kilroy has displayed in mounting his leadership bid. Equally unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that members of the current hierarchy are good leaders either.

However, with what few brain cells the current leadership can muster, one dearly wishes that they would get down to the task of fighting the EU instead of each other. As for Kilroy – he’s blown it. He can either knuckle under, or he can disappear, but he ain’t going to be UKIP leader in the near future.

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