Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Russian spies

Britain is not the only country plagued with Russian spy scandal (ah the joys of nostalgia!). Poland makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity.

While we have been told that there is a new and rather large wave of Russian spies engulfing Britain and while a veteran of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service tells all who care to listen that the reports must have been written to order just as they had been during the Cold War (other veterans tell us that the West was, indeed, inundated with Soviet spies), the Polish government has been accused of being under the control of Russian agents. Well, indirectly, anyway.

The story concerns a meeting between a known Russian agent, Wladimir Alganov, and a Polish businessman, Jan Kulczyk. During their conversation Kulczyk boasted that he had control over many of President Kwasniewski’s decisions.

This news was enough to turn popular opinion against him. 44 per cent of those asked said that the story made them revise their opinions downwards, though 36 per cent said that it had made no difference at all. Presumably, their opinion was low, anyway. Rather oddly, 5 per cent thought that the story made them think more highly of the President.

According to the Polish newspaper Rzechpospolita
“Other politicians also lost support as a result, including Wieslaw Kaczmarek from the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and, surprisingly, Roman Giertych from Polish Family League (LPR).”

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