Sunday, April 25, 2004

Workers of the World Unite - but not in Europe

A New Communist Party press release (22 April 2004) calls for Britain to get out of Europe

The New Communist Party of Britain today called on all progressive and working class organisations to unite for a "no" vote in the referendum on the European Union constitution announced by prime Minister Tony Blair last

The European Union, first created by the Treaty of Rome, is a finance imperialist structure built and designed for the benefit of the capitalist class at the expense of the working class in Europe and of Third World economies. It cannot serve the interests of the working class here or anywhere else.

NCP general secretary Andy Brooks said: "The current divisions within the ruling class, between the imperialist powers of Europe and the United States, give the working class an opportunity to act against the developing EU superstate.

"A rejection of the proposed EU constitution by the British electorate will have profound repercussions throughout the EU. Working class organisations in other member states will be strengthened in their own battles against the power of the EU.

"There may even be an opportunity to challenge the very existence of the Treaty of Rome. We should not let this opportunity slip by."

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