Friday, April 23, 2004

The EU Constitution: Threat or Opportunity?

Tony Blair has little choice but to call a referendum on the EU Constitution – a referendum he cannot win – the political implications for him are immense and to not call a referendum will bankrupt the whole legitimacy of European integration.

A referendum on the EU Constitution in Britain, along with those taking part on the Continent, will clearly show that many EU member states manifest destiny is not to be part of a centralised EU.

In essence, the government - and the nation - needs to make plans for the contingency of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, not as a result of a 'big bang' occasioned by a conscious decision to leave, but as part of a gradual process of realignment. We need credible and realistic alternative structures and arrangements to replace the EU, ready to put into action as the need arises.

See the full article on the Bruges Group site

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