Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Who are we?

We shall miss Romano Prodi and his antics when he retires from the European Commission this summer. He has once again annoyed all concerned by comments he made at a gathering of left-wing parties.

Referring to the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq because there is no sign of the UN taking over the running of that country (one of the better things that has happened to the Iraqis recently) he said that this brought Spain “into line with our position”. Our position? We were not aware that the European Commission had a position on the subject. Actually, he was talking about the left-wing grouping that has been calling on Italy to follow suit.

Signor Prodi has clearly decided that his role as a candidate in the forthcoming Italian elections is more important than the Presidency of the European Commission, which makes one gag a little when the said Commission chides national governments for pursuing their own national interests.

It has to be added that several of its members have already abandoned the ship in favour of obviously more important positions in their own national governments.

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