Saturday, April 24, 2004

E-day puts EU flags in short supply

I love the reference to the "Propaganda materials store". I wonder if they also sell white flags.

Reuters Warsaw - The EU's star-studded blue flag is in short supply just a week before Poland joins the bloc and despite some last-minute jitters about membership.

"Our workshop has been working night and day to meet demand and we still ran out by 11am," said Liliana Niewiadomska, the owner of the "Propaganda materials store" in Warsaw, where the queue spilled out to the street before supplies ran out. "If you had come here in January and stayed for weeks you wouldn't have seen a single customer."

Niewiadomska said customers range from officials planning May 1 accession galas to everyday citizens preparing E-day parties. Thousands of Poles are expected to show up at street parties marking EU entry, including the EU flag-raising ceremony at Warsaw's presidential palace at midnight.

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