Friday, September 10, 2004

Sykes comes out

According to The Daily Telegraph today, Paul Sykes has come out into the open, declaring his long-held dissatisfaction with the current leadership of UKIP, and threatened to withdraw financial support unless Kilroy-Silk becomes leader, replacing Roger Knapman.

This brings to a head a long-simmering row, which will put Knapman on the spot. He will now have to explain to the membership why, in view of his lacklustre leadership, he should remain at the helm when such an obviously better qualified candidate is available.

Meanwhile, the man himself - Kilroy - yesterday declared he would seek a return to Westminster by standing at the general election. He has an eye on a constituency within the East Midlands Region, although it might not be the most winnable scientifically, and has been offered money from a variety of backers.

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