Monday, September 06, 2004

It gets worse

After their dire plans for a publicity launch, the "Vote No" campaign now brings you what must qualify as the world's most boring website yet, with a logo so uninspiring that it could only have been dreamed up by an extremely expensive ad agency.

Not to be outshone by its own lack of creativity, its home page then informs us that:

Vote No is a campaign set up by some of Britain's most successful enertpreneurs (sic – clearly after the dyslexic vote) and business leaders. We are independent of any political party, and supported by thousands of individuals from across the country. Vote No believes the European Constitution would be bad for jobs and prosperity, and would weaken Britain’s democracy.
It then gives us the reason why this campaign cannot possibly be the front-runner, and why there must be an alternative, broad-brush campaign. Says "Vote No":

We support membership of the EU but we believe that Europe is not working at the moment, and that it needs reform.
They have blown themselves out of the water.

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