Monday, June 27, 2005

Yippee, another anti-dumping duty

The Commission is proposing a new Council Regulation, suggesting that it should be adopted by July 12 at the latest. The likelihood is it will be.

Its purpose is to extend the anti-dumping regulations that are imposed on bicycles imported from China to those imported from Vietnam. What a good idea. Just what the world needs as we are trying to help countries that are poor (and Vietnam is certainly poor). Let us not buy things that they manufacture.

But, of course, there is another part to this story. The UK has, until now, been the largest importer of bikes from Vietnam. Raleigh and others have relied heavily on them but are now looking round for other suppliers.

The extension of anti-dumping duties was discussed in response to complaints. Can anyone guess where those complaints came from? The European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association, which just happens to be based in Paris. A coincidence, surely.

Of the Commission’s anti-dumping committee, 19 members voted for the extension of anti-dumping duties, four voted against and two abstained. Maybe the British member did vote against but what use is that to anybody?

The chances of the Regulation not being adopted by the Council of Ministers is slim to the point of invisibility.

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