Sunday, June 12, 2005

What a great title

Today’s editorial in the Mail enumerates wearily all the many things that have come Britain’s way from the EU and the many battles, lost and …. well, lost.

“The struggle for mastery never lets up. If it is not Maastricht it is Amsterdam, or Nice, and yet more demands for the abandonment of the veto.

If we fight off the single currency or the Social Chapter, we are faced with a unified foreign policy or a European Army, a European arrest warrant, a European police force, a Working Time Directive.”

Indeed, the last paragraph asks tentatively the question many of us have been posing for some years:

“Our membership of the EU, an endless headache, is like having a hangover without even having been to a party the night before. It is tempting to wonder if there is any point in Britain belonging to this organisation any longer.”

But the best thing about the article is its title. Who could possibly not laugh at the picture conjured up by the words: “We bar the door, so Europe climbs in the back window”?

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