Thursday, June 09, 2005

The best laid schemes of mice and men…

Using Poland as a counter-stroke to offset the bad news from France and Holland, holding the line on the EU constitution, rather seems to be backfiring.

According to the AFX Agency in Warsaw (via Forbes) public support for the constitution has plummeted in Poland.

This is the finding of a survey conducted by the PBS institution last week, which reports that only 40 percent now back the EU constitution compared with 54 percent before the French and Dutch votes.

It appears that 35 percent of respondents said they would vote "no" in a referendum, compared with 19 percent in May, while 25 percent expressed no opinion.

Provisionally, Poland is expected to vote on 9 October, after the Luxembourg referendum on 9 July and the Danish poll on 27 September. While Luxembourg can be expected to vote "yes" and the Danes "no", clearly Chirac had hopes that Poland might stem the flow of bad news. The prospect of this country turning will not be welcome in the Elysée Palace.

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