Friday, July 09, 2004

More on the Tillack case

Our readers have, no doubt, followed the saga of the German journalist Hans-Martin Tillack, who has been subjected to quite an astonishing amount of persecution by the Belgian police because he has had the temerity to write stories about OLAF, the Commission’s anti-fraud organization.

Tillack’s stories have shown conclusively that the organization is, at best, inefficient, at worst itself corrupt. It has not changed at all from the old UCLAF, which was famously blasted out of the water by an independent enquiry.

All this has been confirmed recently by Raymond Kendall, the head of the OLAF supervisory body, who has told a House of Lords Committee that there is no control over OLAF. This, too, is something we have reported in the past and shall, no doubt, be returning in the future.

Now the Daily Telegraph has overtaken the blog. They have managed to get hold of some papers that show quite clearly that Tillack’s persecution was initiated and and orchestrated by OLAF itself. This is not, in itself, a surprise but nice to have it in writing.

What is a little more worrying as the article reminds us, is that

The EU continues to acquire a plethora of judicial, prosecution and intelligence bodies. It is creating a justice department - Eurojust - and a counter-intelligence "tsar Brussels" on top of the Europol agency that handles cross-border crime.
And the record up till now does not exactly inspire one with confidence.

To read article in full click here

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