Thursday, July 15, 2004

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Much joy was expressed in the Eurosceptic (realist) EDD group in the European parliament (home of UKIP) when Jens-Peter Bonde succeeded in recruiting Slovak MEP Vladimir Meciar, of the party LS-HZDS, to join them.

This coup has, however, brought a squawk of protest from TEAM, the "European alliance of EU-critical movements". It has pointed out that the LS-HZDS is "not in any meaning" an EU-critical party and they have a "very positive attitude" towards the EU. Initially Eurosceptic, Meciar has "changed a lot and to gain the acceptance of EU. He would do anything for them".

More embarrassingly, Meciar has come out openly in the Slovak media declared his party's opposition to a referendum on the EU Constitution. They support and agree with the constitution.

Will Bonde now do the decent thing and chuck Meciar out?

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