Friday, July 23, 2004

Mandy the law-breaker?

Perhaps the most revealing comment about Meddlesome's impending appointment as "Britain's" EU commissioner came from Keith Vaz MP – former Europe minister.

Warbling happily on Radio 4's nine o' clock news this morning, he lauded the appointment on the basis that the man would be in a good position “to protect the country’s interests”.

We assume he meant this country, in which case what is so revealing is that this Europhile – in common with so many of his brethren – seems so abysmally ignorant of the rules of the European Union that he so adores.

Vaz – and his fellow-travellers – would do well to visit the commission website and read up on the code of conduct for commissioners. In particular, they should note the injunction that commissioners

...are required to discharge their duties in the general interest of the Community. In the performance of their duties they must neither seek nor take instructions from any government or from any other body.
If Meddlesome did represent the interests of this country – not that he has done so in the past – he would be in breach of Community law. Yet the pathetic little Vaz is quite happy that "his" man should go over to Brussels to do precisely that.

What do these people do for brains?

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