Monday, July 04, 2011

What is royalty for?

In a tiny corner of Quebec yesterday, safely corralled away so that royal eyes would not be offended, was a small but defiant demonstration (pictured), the like of which you will not yet see in the United Kingdom.

What you will see circulating amongst a sub-set of the eurosceptic fraternity, however, is a series of impassioned pleas to "her majesty", couched in diverse terms of asking her to save us from the machinations of our venal politicians, and rescue us from the encroachments of the European Union.

Not once throughout her reign, however, has the queen stepped in to reduce or modify in any way the instruments which have ceded greater power to the construct in Brussels. Yet these have effectively neutered her role as head of state, by transferring authority to a new supreme government.

Now, since we have a sovereign who is no longer sovereign in her own land, one might perhaps stop to reflect whether the banner-holders in Quebec are more accurate than we would care to admit. If the queen no longer fulfils her role as head of state, defender of the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, what is royalty for?