Thursday, November 04, 2010

We knew this

... but it is good to have it confirmed. The climate scare is gradually falling apart. And with no US "cap and trade", there will be no money to sustain it. The scaremongers will move on to find more profitable causes.

The big problem now is to get through to the idiot politicians, to undo some of the damage they and their predecessors have done. That is going to be difficult. We still have legislation on the stocks, introduced on the assumption that BSE was going to cause a large-scale epidemic in humans. Getting legislators to claw back on legislation is one of the hardest tasks known to man.

The next hardest thing is to get those who supported the scare to admit to their stupidity. But the world does not work that way. The old scares are forgotten, and new ones forged. Nobody ever admits they are wrong. That way, we never learn the lessons and are always prey to the scaremongers, failing to recognise them as they employ the tools of their trade until it is too late.

With so many now reinventing the wheel, or asking themselves "where did we go wrong", we had it sussed years ago with Scared to Death. There is nothing special about "climate change", apart from its longevity. It is a scare, or "moral panic" if you prefer. All of them follow the same pattern. They have their own "biology", their cycles of birth, life and death. This one is dying. It is all over, bar paying the bill.