Thursday, November 04, 2010

A message from our sponsor

... well, mine actually. Continuum (my publishers) have started their own blog - and even given a nice plug to "days of glory". And just because the Battle of Britain period is over, that doesn't mean that the work has slackened off. I've made very substantial additions to these four posts, here, here, here and here. I've also been working on updating the introduction, explaining the rationale behind the blog and the book.

One thing I'm particularly pleased about is some of the photographs added. A kind reader sent me a link to pics of the Birmingham Blitz, which I have used. Additionally, I've been able to find some very rare photographs of the ships and equipment that were going to be used for the invasion of Britain, including some of the Marinefährprahm (above) which came too late for the invasion Рthese seen off the island of Leros in 1943.

The pics include the one above (top), which shows a rare scene from an invasion rehearsal, which illustrates what the beaches of England during "Invasion 1940" might actually have looked like, as horse teams are lead from converted Rhine barges.

From this, the only way you can take the German threat of invasion seriously is by knowing absolutely nothing of the equipment they planned to use. With any knowledge at all, it is evident that it would have been a complete disaster. Anyhow, the work goes on.