Thursday, January 07, 2010

Work in progress

The work on TERI Europe progresses, with the original list of activities now expanded to 31, and many more to come.

All being well, we will be publishing a major piece in The Sunday Telegraph this weekend, with the paper allocating real resources to the continuing investigation. Hence the pressure is on to build the dossier, collect more material and check out facts very thoroughly indeed. Blogging has had to take second place for once.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Met Office attempts to convince us that it reeely is getting warmer, honest Guv!

The mean UK temperature for December was 2.1 °C, making it the coldest for 14 years and colder than the long-term average for December of 4.2 °C. However, December was one of only two months in 2009 which had a below-average mean temperature. Therefore, climate change is taking place as the earth continues to warm up.

Yea, yea ... and I'm the tooth fairy.