Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An intelligence test

The coming general election is going to be an intelligence test, writes Gerald Warner.

If people realise that voting for the slightly less objectionable choice gets them nowhere, that by holding out for what they really want they can actually obtain it, then we may be able to liberate ourselves from the tree-hugging New/Blue Labour consensus.

If we fail to rise to that challenge we shall forfeit the right to complain about five more years of PC oppression. That is the answer: Zero Tolerance of "Green" agendas.

Thus does the man lay down the challenge. This is not a peripheral issue, where one holds one's nose and votes, despite knowing that the Party you are voting for does not share all your values.

The "Green" agenda (along with the EU) are absolutely core issues. On neither is Cameron's Blue/Green Conservatives sound. Vote Blue and get Green – and you will only have yourself to blame. As they say in the States, the lesser of two evils is still evil.