Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just as you thought ...

... it could not get any funnier we get the news that Glenys Kinnock is to become a peer of the realm, joining her husband this time on the red benches (how long before we get the Kinnock offspings in that House?) and a Minister for Europe?

She will have to take a bit of a cut in her income as the House of Lords is less amenable to endless jaunts and expenses but she will have her pension from the Toy Parliament to help her along. A pension, let me remind our readers, probably unnecessarily, that she will not have to declare when she speaks on her remit.

A recent Taxpayers' Alliance report had put Our Glenys very low down on the list of MEPs according to their performance. Out of the 78 she was 71st. Mind you, any report that is predicated on the notion that "across all parties there are a range of MEPs who have worked hard, been transparent and stood up for taxpayers’ interests" has to be taken with a very large dose of salt.

Now, if you will excuse me, I shall go away and continue laughing my head off. A bold decision, Prime Minister.