Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Commission is not happy

The Commission, in the shape of its spokesman, Amadeu Altafaj, is not happy with the Dutch government. How could they act in such an non-communautaire fashion by releasing the results of the exit polls, which, everyone assumes, are probably accurate?

It is no good saying, as the Dutch government does, that they have "national legislation which requires authorities to release partial results as soon as they are available", stamped his foot, Mr Altafaj. They should have overruled that legislation.
The events that took place in the Netherlands yesterday seem not to comply with the spirit of the European elections. They're supposed to go beyond the purely national aspects. If we want citizens to understand the European nature of these elections, we think it's absolutely essential that we release the results in all countries at the same time, also in order not to influence the vote in the countries which have not voted yet – and that at the moment is 25 out of the 27 member states," Mr Altafaj added.
It is actually 23 now, as Ireland and the Czech Republic voted today, but you get the point. The spirit of the European elections is not to be tampered with. Really, the man should join