Saturday, August 09, 2008

While the cat's away ...

Well, actually, the cats are in residence but the boss is away as the previous posting explained. So, for the moment, I am in charge with long-distance supervision by the self-same boss. This will probably be the last time I spend any time in charge of things so take advantage.

I shall proceed along the same lines as last time. Blog as normal and have an open thread on a subject on the forum. Though there is a certain overlap, on the whole the forum and the blog lead a separate existence so nothing much will be lost. Furthermore, the way to link to a comment thread from the blog seems to have changed while my back was turned, so I shall have to run the two in parallel.

My moderation (DEP.MOD.) will be light to non-existent. Certain rules apply, though. No racism or anti-semitism or conspiracy-mongering; there are plenty of other blogs and forums out there who will cater for your needs. Personal insults will not really be tolerated. I know there is a fine line between easy badinage and rather vicious verbal assaults but, I think, everyone knows when they have crossed it. The boss has solved the problem by starting a Playpen thread for children who cannot play nicely. Such children's comments will be ruthlessly deleted and they will be directed to the Playpen. If they cannot play nicely and do not want to be in the Playpen, they can take their bats home.

As the daily thread will be open there will be no instructions to stick to the topic though, naturally, it might be better if people did rather than ranted in general. Rant on the specific subject but don't rant for long. As it happens there are very few rants that cannot be compressed into a couple of paragraphs. Good practice for all concerned.

Well, now, having said that, I shall set Saturday's topic. In view of the news (no, it is still not the Beijing Olympics) there can be only one: the Caucasus. A wide topic, on which people can write about politics, history, literature even geography though it might be a good idea to get things right. Still, there is an old tradition in the West of writing any old rubbish about Russia and surrounding countries and regions by individuals whose knowledge amounts to being able to hum Lara's Theme from the film "Dr Zhivago". I shall not get annoyed by total ignorance if it is well-meant ignorance.