Thursday, August 07, 2008

There is only one true God

"Prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist", trumpets The Guardian today from its front page. Couched in different words, the same message would be equally at home coming from the mouth of a fire-breathing preacher – the text being: "Prepare to meet thy doom".

The preacher would, of course, demand that we "repent our Sins", which is exactly what the "warmists" are doing. Repent thy "Climate Crimes", they tell us. Reduce your carbon footprint and walk lightly on the face of this Earth. Only then will you be saved.

In terms, there is no difference in the tenor of the messages. Thus, in "climate change", we are not dealing with science but a belief system. The "scientists" are merely the High Priests of this strange new religion, their bible the IPPC assessment report. This is the Holy Writ, handed down from on High. There can be no deviation from The Word.

This is why the likes of Watts up with that and Climate audit, invaluable though they are, will never prevail. They are attempting to deal, methodically and dispassionately, with the science. But this is a religion. And there is only one true God … the God of climate change.

If you dispute this fact, you are an unbeliever, and you will be cast into to the Hell of a planet warmed by 4 degrees. We know this to be true - Professor Bob Watson has said so and The Guardian has printed it. No more proof is needed.