Saturday, September 01, 2007

A new blog

For some time now, we have felt that the high volume of defence posts has unbalanced the site which is still devoted to our primary concern, the EU and our relations with the wider world.

Accordingly, we have decided to start up a new, sister blog called Defence of the Realm, which is now up and running, designed by North Jnr. There is a link button on the sidebar.

We will leave existing defence posts up on this site but, in future, all new defence-related posts will go directly on the new site, with a short post here to advise readers that it has been published.

Over term, I will also replicate the old posts on the new site, to provide a convenient, consolidated archive of defence material. This may take some time.

The rate of postings will be unaffected – if anything, a separate blog removes the constraints of unbalancing the main site so, in the fullness of time, we hope that we can post material with a slightly wider scope than before, without upsetting the "toyphobics".

And just to try the system out, we’ve posted a Saturday "toy" on the new site.



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