Friday, December 01, 2006

So where was the story?

In today's edition of The Telegraph, we get this letter in response to yesterday’s story.

Sir - Britain's special relationship with America is most assuredly not "just a myth" (report, November 30).

Kendall Myers's inaccurate and ill-advised statements are not a reflection of American government opinion, policy or the actual nature of the robust bilateral relationship.

There should be no question that the relationship between America and Britain, now nearly two centuries strong, is crucially important to both countries.

This relationship, which has weathered the storms of history, inspires our countries to work together to seek solutions to the most pressing problems of our times: conflict, poverty, disease, disaster, and terrorism.

United by our love of liberty and the rule of law, and buttressed by countless familial, professional and government links, the special relationship of Americans and Britons will not be weakened by the careless remarks of one individual.

Ambassador Robert H. Tuttle, United States Embassy, London W1
A very similar letter has been published in The Times.

But has either of the two newspapers thought to apologise for the mischievous garbage they published yesterday? You guessed it. In fact, in The Telegraph, the op-ed political cartoon tries, in a wearisome way, to make precisely the same point that the dismal Myers was allowed to make yesterday.

This is the Jackie Fisher school of journalism: never apologise, never explain. Just keep churning out the same old amateur crap and, soon enough, someone will give you an award.


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